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Album review: Nishino Kana Just Love

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Tracks: 🌟*Prologue* ~Let's go~ 🌟Have a Nice Day 🌟 You&Me 🌟トリセツ 🌟YEAH 🌟Wish Upon A Star 🌟君が好き 🌟もしも運命な人がいるのなら 🌟Thank you very much 🌟Holiday 🌟I wanna see you dance 🌟Set me free 🌟Life is good 🌟*Epilogue* ~Just Love~

This album contains 11 new songs (including the prologue/epilogue), which is considerably more than her 2014 album which only contained around 8 new songs. Have a Nice Day, a happy upbeat song, it was used as the theme song for the morning programm Mezamashi TV. This song is perfect to start your day with, it gives you energy and motivation to seize the day. Its music video is also a great watch, it was filmed in Hawaii and gives of a care free/summerish feeling. The next song is You & Me, another cute upbeat song. Nishino Kana mentioned she wrote this song with the couple of her popular song 'Darling' in her mind. This song was the theme song of Ayase Haruka's movie, also starring Saito Takumi.
YEAH is a nice concert song, upbeat and happy. This album also contains a few really good ballads; Wish Upon A Star, Kimi ga Suki and Set me free. Wish Upon A Star is a really short song, only 2.33 minutes long, but it's such an adorable and sweet song. Kimi ga Suki really surprised me. This is such a beautiful song. Kana's vocals are absolutely perfect, she seriously sounds like an angel. She recorded this in one go with a pianist playing at the same time. Kimi ga Suki was also used for a CM featuring Ayase Haruka. Set me free is a song about heart break, how to let go.
One of my favorite songs of the album is Life is Good, it's such a nice and summerish song to listen to. Everyone has bad and good days, sometimes you may fail but it's okay. Smiling, crying, there are all kinds of feelings, but always try to laugh at the end because life is good! That's the kinda message this song conveys, you only have one life so make the best of it.
I wanna see you dance is, as obvious from the title, the dance song of this album. It's a nice dance track and fits the summer theme of the album perfectly. The same counts for Holiday, a song about enjoying and making the best of your vacation.

I really like this album, it's special to me because it remindes me of the amazing time I spend in Japan when I listen to it.
I definitely recommend you to listen to it if you like Kanayan's songs! And try to support the artist if you can afford it!

Harajuku - Johnny's shop & Takeshita dori!

I went to Harajuku on my third day in Tokyo! We took the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo, where we stayed for 4 days and then returned back to Osaka.

I've been wanting to go to Harajuku for as long as I can remember. Harajuku especially stands out in Tokyo when it comes to its fashion. I love shopping for clothes and I heard that there are a lot of shops which sell affordable clothing/accessories and much more. But there's also a Johnny's shop in Harajuku! So of course we had to take a look there.Johnny's shop and more!Collapse )
This episode was amazing guys! I just had to write a short summary about it :3
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Kouhaku - 65回NHK紅白歌合戦

Kouhaku Uta Gassen 65th Edition

Kouhaku was amazing!! I enjoyed it more than the previous ones, it was great in so many ways! Sharing my screencaps here :)

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My Favorites of 2014 ★ Arashi

Favorites 2014
Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful christmas!<3
Here I'll be writing about my favorite Arashi releases/variety episodes/dramas of this year :)
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My Favorites of 2014 ★ Kana Nishino

Favorites 2014
Hello~! It's been a long time since I last posted, and I just felt like writing something now xD, so here is my opinion about Kanayan's 2014 releases, songs I liked the most, songs I didn't like that much and more<3!
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Happy 15th anniversary to Arashi<3

It's been 15 years since Arashi started their storm through the world. And I can't thank them enough for everything they've done so far. They're all truly amazing. Ohno-kun is the best unleader-like leader in the world, but with other amazing talents which make him shine in his own beautiful way. Sho-kun always amazes me, going from a serious newscaster to a dorky Arashi member with awesome rapping skills. Aiba-kun's sincere smile & joyful personality always manages to make me smile. Nino's kindness to the other members & fans makes me realise how dearly he thinks of us all, even though his witty persona might hide that. And ofcourse Matsujun, the reason why I got into this fandom. Always thinking about the smallest details so to make everyone happy<3.

Thank you for always being there, for making me smile/laugh&cry out of happines when seeing you guys. On TV shows/Concert DVD's/Magazines/Dramas/etc, you always make me look forward to so many things. You make each day even happier.
So much love, love for you!

PS. Looking forward to Hawaii Blast & the MS SP<33
This was like one of the funniest thing  I've watched XD. I've been following 24hr TV since the beginning but I was looking forward to this so so much<3. I made a lot of screencaps of 24hr itself, will be making a different post about that later (since 24hr hasn't even ended yet!) but this post is compeltely dedicated to this amazing Shiyagare episode! I kinda had my hopes up that Eito'd came again in Shiyagare but since nothing was announced till last week I gave up on it...but yes they came<3. Sadly no Magical Banana returns but it was still really funny and entertaining xD (like usual when you put these 2 amazing groups together).

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Happy Mugenday!♥

It's 8/08/14, that means Mugenday! I'm writing this on my phone so no special gifs/photos, will try to edit this post tomorrow^^
I want to thank Eito for always making me smile whenever I see them. Even though I've not been as active in the fandom as I was last year, I still love them a lot ofcourse♡. They're special to me, a group of crazy bakas but also with really nice and sweet personalities. All 7 of them are so precious, Yoko, Hina, Baru, Maru, Yasu, Ryo & Tacchon♡.
This year is their 10th year. I'm happy that I'm experiencing this important anniversary. Ofcourse their 8th was also really special, but I think that every single year is important. 10ssai will be soon, hope it'll be put on dvd so international fans like me can see it as well :). And then we have ER 2 which has been released a couple of days ago in the cinemas. The song that comes with it is catchy and suits the eito rangers well. Aaand there's also 24hr television this month! They sure are busy!
Ah! I also watched the Batsu Game of the Juke Box dvd. It was awesome, I watched 3 hours straight of epicness. Ohkura was so cute in this omg♡ *biased*. Especially when they had to do those weird things outside in the cold ><

So to all eighers out there, happy mugenday♥
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